Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Woodbridge California Merlot

I don't know who Robert Mondavi is, but he certainly mixes a good drop o' merlot. Today we're looking (initially) at a 2003 merlot that poses the question: "The Perfect Toast?"

They Say:

Aging in small oak barrels gives wines softer, more developed flavors [sic] with nuances of toasty oak. We handcraft our Merlot with this traditional method to marry the wine's velvety blackberry, plum and violet flavors [sic] with spicy, toasty oak, creating a soft red wine with a lingering finish. So whateer your "toast" or meal, enjoy it with our flavorful [sic] Merlot.

We say:

Small oak barrels my arse. When a wine is as smooth as this all you need to put on the label is: "Red wine. Does not hurt to drink." As for a 'violet' flavour, I'm listening to some french album that sounds bacony. Please. Much like good reggae, it's inoffensive yet lacks distinction.


Norm has nothing to add.


James Barnes Esq. said...

As far as I'm aware, Robert Mondavi is one of the dudes that started wine growing in California (Nappa Valley). I think he's dead, but the Robert Mondavi vinyard is kind of the equivalent of Leeuwin Estate or Penfolds here - Their expensive wine is good, their cheap wine is expensive. Thats what i heard anyway.

Also, why no posts in December?

khrob said...

I don't beleive in december. never have, never will.