Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Beringer Founders' Estate 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon

They say:

Our wines are a tribute to the Beringer Brothers who founded Beringer Vineyards in 1876. These classically styled, fruit-forward wines are hand-crafted for your enjoyment. [Enough already! Tell us about the wine...] This full-bodied Cabernet Savignon [...thankyou.] exhibits deep berry flavors [sic] and subtle notes of toasted oak and vanilla spice. Serve with your favourite grilled meats or hearty pasta dishes. Enjoy! (their italics)

We say:

"The first thing it did was strip the skin off the roof of my mouth," says Cabin Guy Rory. "A full-bodied red; with an after experience similar to a velvet throat-cushion. My tongue is slow like a bean-bag. A pleasant experience, but lacking in quaff."


Norm says: "Yeah, it's quaffable."

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