Monday, January 23, 2006

Here and There

Here they don't have street lights.
There they don't have snow.
Here they put salt and sugar in EVERYTHING
There I didn't know what salt was until I moved to Napes
Here they drive on this side.
There they drive on the right side.
Here is way closer to New York.
There is way closer to Cott.
Here the toilets use lots of water.
There the toilets have spiders.
Here they too few roundabouts.
There they have too many traffic lights.
Here you can order stuff online.
There you can buy beer on a sunday.
Here I drive an Audi
There I drove an Excel
Here I spend all day with norm & ror.
There I spent all day with norm & ror.
Here we're travelling to the big city to celebrate our national day
There I'm missing a pool-party or seven.
Here the butter comes in little sticks.
There the tomatoes don't cost $1.10 each

Here we're approaching alpha...

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