Monday, January 23, 2006

Wine Updates

We never did finish the Red Truck.

Foxhorn Vineyards do a nice little number that accompanies COD2 very nicely, and at $6.99 (plus tax) for 1.25L it's (as they say here) a no-brainer*.

We've been drinking some south aussie red by the large bottle too, mainly because it's cheap (east aussie wine seems to be about $1/gallon here... west aussie, if you can find it, is the sort of prices one would expect) and tastes like wine rather than some sort of wine-like fruit drink filled with sugar.

Rory just broke a glass. Whoops. That's going to hurt when he staggers out to his corner of the desk in the morning.

Ok. I'm done with the wine blogging. It was swell while it lasted, but as Lori Petty says, the swelling's gone down.

From now on, it's... umm... y'know... stuff. Dave, if you're reading this, let me know how the real title for the Dirty Dozen project's coming along.

* which by the quality of the wine I guess means I'll have no brain by the morning. C'est la vie.

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