Thursday, October 27, 2005

Under the influence... of Anger.

Maybe I should make all the titles for these things sound like taglines from 60's and 70's horror films. Yeah. We'll see how long that lasts.

Unpop culture references aside, I am, indeed, angry. Today it's the New Media types. Exponents of story, cross-media communicators, theorists and speculators and all those people who are trying to tell me that the world will soon be awash with richly woven tapestries of complementary platform delivered story experiences.

And I don't disagree. But it sure as hell ain't gonna be written by most of the people doing the theorising. I visit their pages/blogs/university sites and the very first thing I'm greeted with is reams of text, with long paragraphs, extending right across my browser window (which at 1600x1200 is a lot of wpl) and none of the 'cross-media' crap they're promising (Like a diagram maybe? But then, pictures are SO old print media...)

I'm sorry people, if you can't master the written form of communicating ideas, which has been studied and understood for a hell of a lot longer than this intermatron thingummy, I don't really want to know your theories on where 'new' media is heading. Stand up, turn around, order another cappucino, and get back to your important dissection of the underlying metaphors present in modern literature.

By the way, Richard Fidler? You really ought to know better by now. For shame.

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