Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bibo ergo sum

Okay, that's kicked it all off with a little Shakespeare. Congrats to Lord Homans who spotted the deliberate mistake. He wins a cold, wet, UK winter for his troubles.

Perhaps someone with a more classical education can clear up any grammatical or latinical mistakes in the title, but even if it's wildly wrong, it's one of my favourite sequences of words in any language I've come across. Born (for those of you born after latin went off the syllabus) of the phrase 'cogito ergo sum' or "I think, therefore I am" and the basis for the word 'imbibe' in 'bibo', we get the nice little phrase "I drink, therefore I am."

Now, if Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Bruce are to be beleived, René Descartes was a drunken fart, so I like to think he would approve of the sentiment. Certainly it has not done me any harm in the short term. Which brings me to the point of the post.

Tuesday. Do we need it?

At the souptoys office over the last year or so, we have come to regard tuesday with the sort of contempt we vaguely knew it deserved, but had never put into words quite why. Now, if Jim Davis is to be beleived, (and please, if anyone reading this has laughed at a garfield comic in the last 20 years, for the love of god go buy yourself some Watterson) Monday is the traditional worst day of the working week. Witness the opening scenes of 'Office Space' for more on 'the mondays' Anyhow...

Even when I wasn't working at a job that stretches my mind and lets me put basically all my hobbies into a 'working' day that I kinda feel guilty about having because it's so much damn fun, I never had a problem with mondays. It's a monday. You get over it and get on with it. You've just had 2 days off and you're in need of some mental stimulation on some level other than 'where will we go to bibo next?'

But come tuesday... well... You get to realise that you actually DIDN'T need a change in mental gear after all, and it's a few too many days before you can start planning your weekend shenanigans and you're still kinda groggy from the weekend, and all the work you did yesterday with your wonderful monday weekend hangover you didn't quite realise you were having will have to be redone.

End effect? Crap day.

So, what we've done at souptoys is to give the working week a bit of a reshuffle. Eventually the plan is to do away with tuesday altogether, but we recognise that the journey of a thousand wossnames begins with a single credit card booking on virgin blue, so we have devised a mutli staged attack on that most evil of days. Tuesday has thus been re-christened Boozeday, and you can find us in the office kicking ideas around over a few pints. This keeps the whole 'seven day week' thing in check with the rest of the western world and prevents unnecessary confusion (because, let's face it, we're sloshed by the time any other timezone that we work with comes online)

So there we have it: Part one of the eradication of t**sday. Why not talk it over with your boss today? We've found it leads to greater monday productivity (the next 'weekend' is only a few hours away) and a shorter, more effective working week for all.

I'm sure it'll be all the rage with management types in no time.

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khrob said...

what a load of bollocks. I must have had a good boozeday to come up with that amount of crap!