Friday, October 07, 2005

Blog This!

A significant moment is happening. It's happening.

This is what my old friend and colleague norman is saying right now. It's quite interesting to think that defining moments in your life are happening and you have absolutely no control over them. Such is the case right now with our little project.

We know certain things: They've been there for long enough to have downloaded our little project and had a look. What they are doing there RIGHT NOW is beyond our control, but to have worked towards this moment and to know it is happening is, well, rather satisfying.

But that's a bit self-centred and egotistical a subject to wax lyrical on... That's why I'd like to talk about something irrelevant and hopefully amusing. So, let's hear it for: A Guide to Ringtone Fortune and Success.

So, you want to make the next ringtone fortune? What do you need:

1) an incessant and catchy tune
2) an animated and cute character
3) some form of distribution channel

Option three seems to be the easiest to acquire - all you need is options one and two...

One: What are your options? Write one - a jingle, a rhythmical spoken or onomatopaeic sequence... or... you can trawl through the AM dial listening out from catchy and most importantly out of copyright tunes, then acquiring the rights.

Number Two: Getting an animated cute character. Now here's a heads up to all the talented and time rich, asset poor animators I know over on sites like Seriously people - if you've got the price of a krispy kreme doughnut and a cup of costa rican mocha on you, you can afford an animated character.... Animators didn't just create Dumbo, the new breed will work for peanuts, just the same as everyone's favourite elevated elephant. There are oodles of talented people out there, and by god advertising folks, they're dieing to get a shot at the [pick appropriate size] time. With the cost of software through the floor these days, and hardware following fast, there's nothing to stop the energetic youth acquiring the means, and with the lack of a decently supported education system, procuring the time, to make some of the most professional and inspired animations/characters you've ever seen.

of course, a lot of it's crap, but if you've ever had anything to do with a signal/noise ratio, you'll know it's a worthwhile search.

and there was me, about to write a post on the physiology of the common garden slug, but that's the intermatron for you kids. Send me your best recipes for beer based foods based on beer to

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