Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Please be upstanding...

In a last ditch attempt to get some sort of 'exercise' into my life, I have followed the examples of some dude on the Monsters Inc extras DVD and someone whose office I saw at the ABC last week and have changed my working space based around standing at my desk.

I have my laptop opened to 180 degrees and propped up, a new keyboard in front of it and everything on a chest of drawers so it all sits around waist height. Day one of the experiment went well, with a few twinges from my nearly repaired left medial ligament, but nothing serious. True, I only spent half a day standing, before going to the library and a more traditional desk arrangement, but you've got to build up to these things, especially since I've done almost no physical exercise since tearing up my knee in January*.

Day two is progressing ok, with my core muscles screaming out for a bar stool, but on the whole, I think I'll be able to keep it up for the day.

As a lifelong nerd who spends godawful amounts of time in front of my computer, I think it's a plan that will at worst bring me a little short term leg muscle building and at best be a generally healthier way to use these infernal machines without screwing my spine. I'll definitely keep everyone updated on this one with daily blog posts, no excuses, 2:45pm daily updates...

See you in a few months then :)

* ok, I haven't done any physical exercise since that one time back in 2002, but hey..

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