Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm in love

Oh my god... I just saw the most beautiful woman in the history of all that is or ever shall be... Her name's Shoshanna and she's a singer from Michigan. She's absolutely gorgeous and has the voice of an angel... in fact, I'd say she has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. Kind of like if a flock of turtle-doves and a choir of angels got mushed up together in a blender...

anyway, check her out -

I swear, one day, that lady will fall in love with me and I'll make a movie or something about it.



James Barnes Esq. said...

lets hope she doesn't shave her head like the last one!

blorman said...

Kel and I will be passing Michigan in a couple of days. We have a bit of space in the trunk, enough to fit her I'm sure, more or less. Just give me the word.