Saturday, May 13, 2006

Still More Lesson One

Wacoming this stuff can be a little tedious - I did some on paper this evening, but have no scanner here, so you'll just have to beleive me that they're better than tonight's digital offering!

That said, having ctrl+z at your fingertips gives you freedom to be very bold with your lines, which I'm enjoying (except when I go back to paper and pens/pencils/etc - my right hand is constantly looking for a keyboard that isn't there!)

I'm not going on to lesson two until John K gives me the ok! You hear that John?! I'm gonna keep posting these things until you say...

Feedback/help from anyone would be welcomed in the meantime!


Lee said...

Thanks for sharing your work with us! I love it!

Clinton said...

Good drawings and they are very consistent. keep it up.